Monthly Archives: May 2010

Too Much Time On My Hands

“So are you bored?” A Little Old Lady says as she breaks my book reading revivere. “I’m ready to have my picture taken.” “Then I’m not bored anymore.” I say and smile as I set down my book. Reading, talking, listening to the radio where it’s allowed, are all ways to help pass the time.  […]

I Don’t Take Compliments Well

“These are the best portraits I have ever seen.” The Dad said in stunned amazement. “Thanks.” I say and smile awkwardly “No. Really.  These are just great.” “Hey-with Talent like you-it’s easy.” I think to myself, Yes-maybe I should think about making a career out of this. I was at a Shoot recently where the […]

Pet Portraits

“Can you put the dogs on the table?” I say to the little old lady who looks like The Queen with her Corgis. “No, they might fall.” She says. “They’ll just sit on the floor by my feet.” “They won’t be in the Book that way.” I say. “They are my children, I want them […]

It’s Always a Question of Time

“Is this going to take long?” Mom says as she rushes in. “We need to be at Practice.” “There’s one family ahead of you.” I say. “It won’t be too long.” “Well, I won’t wait too long.” I’ve had this conversation at every Company I have ever worked for.  Some people live for the thrill […]

Digital Killed The Chemical Star

“Film is better than Digital. Period.” The Man says as he looks at my digital camera with disdain.  “Film does a better job of capturing gradients, reproducing reality, and adding that wonderful old fashioned feel that only comes from real film grain.” “I’m taking portraits.” I says as I position him for the next shot. […]

Darkness and Light

“Is the picture going to be that dark?” Mom says as she leans close to the monitor. “Why does my face look so dark on that side?” “It’s called Rembrandt lighting.” I say as I point out the small triangle of light under her eye. “Named for the famous Dutch painter.  It’s an artistic portrait […]

You Meet The Most Interesting People

“I played the violin for a while,” I say as I adjust the glossy student violin on the little girl’s knee. “But I was a poor kid and couldn’t afford Private Lessons, so I gave up pretty quickly.” “I didn’t have Private Lessons.” Says the Public School Music Teacher. “And I am an accomplished Violinist.” […]