Monthly Archives: September 2010

Passers Who Think They’re Photographers

“I’ve been a photographer for 47 years.” The old man with the toothless grin tells me. “It took three weeks to become a great photographer, but it took me three years to become a great Passer.” “Really?” I say and take a deep breath. “I bet I took your baby picture.” The Passer goes on […]

Die, Dave Ramsey, Die!

“I just found out that this Church is doing a Dave Ramsey Program.” The Passer said with a snarl. “I hate Dave Ramsey, I really do.” “I’m not that crazy about him myself.” I say as I watch the next Nonbuyer walk up to waste our time. Whenever times are hard and money is in […]

The Busy Time of The Year

The end of August until the beginning of December is usually the busy time for Assembly Line Portraits.  It’s a little cooler, so people aren’t sweating and uncomfortable as they are in the summer.  But it’s not so cold that everyone has to bundle up and crush their clothes as if they are going on […]

Giving and Getting Advice

“Wow.” The New Photographer says after I showed her how to setup the lights for a shot. “No one showed me anything cool like that.” “It’s one of the few cool shots we can do with the equipment that we have available.” I say and smile. “This lighting setup is easy and you can use […]