Monthly Archives: November 2010

Playing With The Exposure

“That pictures’ kind of washed out, isn’t it?” says a young Dad as he looks at the High Key Portraits of his family. “Here, let me darken a little for you.” The Passer says as she applies a black vignette around the image. “Is that better?” “Yeah, I like that.” The problem with trying out […]

I Like Backgrounds

“You know, you could take all the portraits shot in the district in the last six months and throw them on the floor.” I say as I look at some of my portraits over The Passer’s shoulder. “And I wouldn’t be able to pick mine out.  We all do the same poses.” “Look at that […]

What You See Is NOT Always What You Get

“Is this what the picture will look like?” The woman says as she leans in close to peer at the video capture display. “It’s pretty close to what it will look like.” I say, knowing that the mirror is never exactly lined up with the camera. “This is just to give you an idea about […]

My Best Work-Best Work? Really?

“I don’t think you’re putting forth your best effort.” The Boss says from across his big desk. “I expect more from someone with your experience.” “I’m doing the best I can with the subjects I have to work with.” I say and look out the window. “And the equipment I have to work with.” “We’ve […]

The Gloves Are Back On

“So what your saying is that The Gloves Are Off now?” asked a surprised Photographer at one of our endless meetings. “Yes, the gloves are off.” Says the man who was then the Head of Photography, but now seems to have other things to do. “We want you to be as creative as you can […]

Pick Your Battles

“I don’t burn CDs at home because I don’t think my battery will last that long.” The grumpy old Assembly Line Portrait Photographer says. “Yeah, these batteries suck.” I say, not raising to the bait that it makes no sense to run the laptop on battery power. “Most people ask-Why don’t you just plug the […]