Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Fellow Underachievers

“I live in Ireland about half of the year.” The Subject says and smiles.  “It’s not really a part of Europe.” “Actually, it is.” The Old Timer Assembly Line Portrait Photographer pipes in, always eager to disagree with everyone he meets about virtually anything.  “They joined the European Union back in 1973.” The Subject looks […]

When The Student Is Ready

Photography workshops have been around pretty much as long as there have been cameras.  They are often held in cool places like Santa Fe, Maine, and Paris.  They are usually run by famous photographers.  Part of the fun of these workshops is going to cool places and meeting cool people.  The major drawback is the […]

Spam and Marketing

“We need to get emails from everyone that we take a portrait of.” The Manager says.  “We need to be able to remind our Nonbuyers that we still have copies of their pictures for sale.” “I get people complaining about spam from The Company.”  One of the Assembly Line Portrait Photographers says.  “What do I […]