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The Special Needs Assembly Line Portrait

“Should we take him out of the wheelchair?” Mom says as she tilts her head toward her sixteen year old son who is strapped into a specialized wheelchair that swallows his bone thin, yet surprisingly strong body. “The chair is fine.” I say and smile. “Just wheel him over here and we’ll pose the rest […]

Your Pictures Suck

“I can’t sell these pictures your giving me.” The Passer says with her hands on her hips. “I don’t know about you, but I drove all this way to make money.” “Oh?” I say and give her a blank look, having hear this particular Passer bitch and moan about my images before. “What was wrong […]

Popular Portraits and The Assembly Line Portrait

“I brought in this book to show you.”  The New Mom says as she flips open an Anne Geddes coffee table book with a photo of a sleeping baby balanced on top of a giant pumpkin.  “Can you take a portrait like this?” “Well, it’s possible.” I say as I look at the photo, “If […]

Tips on Assembly Line Portraits

“I want to be a Portrait Photographer when I grow up.” The smiling young woman told me as I posed her. “It’s not too late to change your mind.” I said with a smile. Portrait Photography is all about Rules-following them and knowing when to break them.  Like any other skill position, there are basics […]

Shut Up and Smile

“So. Are you from around here?” I say as I adjusted the background. “No.  I used to live up North.” The Man says and takes a deep breath. “We’ve lived here for about twenty years though.  We live just down the road.  That house with the big pecan tree in the front yard.  I planted […]

Snapshots and Portraits

“Do you mind if I take a picture of that pose with my phone?” Dad says as he runs around behind me and snaps a photo of the kids I have just posed. “Have a sit in the waiting area.” I say and stand in front of Dad as I shoo the kids out of […]

We’re Going to a Professional Photographer Later

“Don’t bother taking too many pictures, we’re having our portrait taken by a professional photographer later.” The Mother says as she herds in her perfectly dressed and groomed family. “I know it’s hard to believe, but they do pay me to do this.” I say as I pose them. “Well, you know what I mean, […]


“We’ve got some exciting news.” The Manager says with her usual bubbly excitement. “We bought you some new props!” On the table in front of me is a pile of four foot long plastic crayons, a regular box of crayons, and some white paper.  The large crayons are in random colors. “Nice.” I say with […]

The Ice Breaker

“So where’s a good place to eat around here?” I say while I am shooting in Lewiston, Maine. “The Olive Garden’s pretty good.”  The Husband says. Everyone eats, so asking about a good place to eat is an easy way to get people talking.  I found Governor‘s to be my favorite place to eat in […]


“Go away.” The little girl says as I move in close to her and rearrange the props and background. “We’re just going to turn you the other way now.” I say as I lean down to the two year olds level. “Go away.” She says as I move her. “Go away.” Kiddos are the best […]