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Yippie Ki Yay-Shooting The Cowboy Church

“Is it alright to have my dog in the picture?” The bearded old man wearing jeans, a western shirt, and a cowboy hat and cowboy boots says. “And my bible?” “Sure” I say with a smile. “Whatever you want.” Cowboy Churches are interesting places.  A little more laid back than most Churches.  The dress code […]

Popular Portraits and The Assembly Line Portrait

“I brought in this book to show you.”  The New Mom says as she flips open an Anne Geddes coffee table book with a photo of a sleeping baby balanced on top of a giant pumpkin.  “Can you take a portrait like this?” “Well, it’s possible.” I say as I look at the photo, “If […]

Tips on Assembly Line Portraits

“I want to be a Portrait Photographer when I grow up.” The smiling young woman told me as I posed her. “It’s not too late to change your mind.” I said with a smile. Portrait Photography is all about Rules-following them and knowing when to break them.  Like any other skill position, there are basics […]

We’re Going to a Professional Photographer Later

“Don’t bother taking too many pictures, we’re having our portrait taken by a professional photographer later.” The Mother says as she herds in her perfectly dressed and groomed family. “I know it’s hard to believe, but they do pay me to do this.” I say as I pose them. “Well, you know what I mean, […]

It’s Always About You, Isn’t It?

“Oh, you did so good.” Mom said as she picked up her baby. “Thanks, I appreciate that.”  I say, a bit proud of myself, as I am just out of Training at the Big Box Store. “Tsk, I was talking to The Baby.” If the portraits are good, it’s all because of the subject.  If […]

Waiting for God

“It’s freezing in here!” the Little Old Lady says as she shuffles into the 75 degree room.  “Can you turn up the heat?” “You won’t be here that long.”  I say. “What did he say?” Her husband of fifty some odd years says in a loud voice. They are both stooped and frail and look […]


“This is a Camera” The District Manager pointed as he walked around the sample studio.  “This is a background.  The Subject sits between The Camera and The Background.” Assemble Line Portrait companies, like all corporations, love meetings.  They love to bring out New Ideas.  They love to talk about Teams and Synergy and Customer Service.  […]

Clothing and The Assembly Line Portrait

“Which blouse looks better? The Red one or the Blue one?” The customer says as she holds the two blouses up in front of her. “I like the Red one.” I say with a shrug. “But it’s up to you.  It’s your portrait.” “I know that, but which one will photograph better?” Assembly Line Portrait […]