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Would You Like Fries With That?

“I smell tamales.” I say to one of the Passers. “I think I’ll check it out.” “Bah.” One of the Passers says. “I hate tamales.” “Me, too.” The other one says. “Well, that means more for me.” I say. I was working in West Texas and the Shoot was having a fund raiser-they were selling […]


“You drove this wreck here from Texas?” The Coordinator says as he looks at my ten year old pickup truck sitting in his California parking lot. “Yeah.” I say and give the hood a loving pat. “By way of Maine.” At the moment I am doing Directory Work and spending a lot less time in […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Shoot

“We have water and soft drinks in the cooler there.” The Shoot Coordinator says and points to a large blue ice chest. “There are cookies and chips on the table there and we will be bringing you something for dinner around six.  Just tell us what you want.” “This is all very good.” I say […]

The Missing Lunch Break

“When do you guys take a break for lunch?” Our Hostess asks as she lets her eyes run down the solidly booked appointment sheet. “We just try to eat a little something between sittings.” I say and give her a smile. “Of course, if you want to get us something, we wouldn’t stop you.” “Well, […]