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Too Much Time On My Hands

“So what can I expect over the next month or so?” The New Assembly Line Photographer says as we work a shot in late November. “You might work the first week of December.” I say and shrug.  “Then you won’t go back to work until sometime in January, maybe sometime in February.” “I can’t go […]

The More Things Change

“Well, we won’t be starting up until late August.”  My soon to be Boss says.  “Do you have a bit of flexibility with The Company your working for now?” “I think that they’ll just let me go when I give my two weeks notice.” I say. Moving from one Company to another is usually easy […]

Blogging is Easy, Writing is Hard

“What are you writing?” The Passer says as she sees me tapping away at the keyboard. “I’m doing a bit of blogging.” I say and pause in my typing. “I save it as a text document and upload it later.” “What do you blog about?” She says as she moves in and peers at the […]

At Last I Can Start Suffering and Write That Symphony

“I don’t have a Shoot for next week.” I say to the Supervisor who has sat around watching me take portraits for a couple of hours. “We’ve got about 17 photographers without a Shoot next week.” He says with a small shrug. “And The Company still doesn’t think we need to change the way we […]

Goodbye Cruel World, I’m Off To Join The Circus

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this.” The Passer says as she looks at the Schedule for the Shoot.  “I’m just not making enough money here.” “Yeah, I know.” I say, just as I have said every time I have worked with this Passer for the past four years. “There’s got to […]

9 to 5 is a Song by Dolly Parton

“Hi, I’m supposed to be taking Portraits today.” I say and smile. “I just need to know where I need to setup.” “Oh. Well, we canceled that.” The Man says as he barely looks up from his desk. “Didn’t they tell you?” “No, no they didn’t.” I say and let a little sigh escape.  It’s […]

So Why Do You Still Do Assembly Line Portraits?

“Well, looks like you have a lot of experience in this field.” The Man says and then shrugs. “But I don’t pay too much attention to resumes.  I’ve got about 90 jobs on my resume.  I’ve worked everywhere you worked and many more places.” “Hmm.” I say and can think of at least two places […]

Still Employed, Just Out of Work

“Well, that was a pretty good year.” The Boss tells me in the second week of December. “We should be starting up again in March.” “March?” I asked. “As in three months from now, March?” “Yeah, this is the slow time of the year. No one wants to book now, so we just wait a […]