Die, Dave Ramsey, Die!

“I just found out that this Church is doing a Dave Ramsey Program.” The Passer said with a snarl. “I hate Dave Ramsey, I really do.”

“I’m not that crazy about him myself.” I say as I watch the next Nonbuyer walk up to waste our time.

Whenever times are hard and money is in short supply there will be someone getting rich by telling people how to manage what little money they have.  I have no problem with Suze Orman-I just ignore her and her advice.  But I do have a problem with Dave Ramsey-he likes to hang out at Churches and therefore he is stealing money out of my pocket.

A Church that is working a Dave Ramsey program is a church full of cheap bastards that won’t carry any money, checks, or credit cards anywhere just in case they are tempted to do something foolish like buy something.  My loyal readers will know that our Business is Selling Portraits and people who don’t want to spend any money are bad for that business.

Dave Ramsey, of course, could care less about Money Changers such as myself.  He wants the money from the churches for himself.

The real problem is not Dave Ramsey and his Seven Baby Steps, it’s the fact that The Company books a church while they are on one of these debt diets.  There is nothing worse than being in a well-to-do Church with a good Passer and the sales turn out to be very small.  This is not normal.  We usually have one or two good sales mixed in with the small ones.  Not at a Dave Ramsey church, good old Dave really does a good job of scaring the Beejesus out of people and making them not want to spend any money.

A trend that I like, and one that has not caught on nearly as well as Dave Ramsey, is the idea of a Prosperity theology.  This is the kind of place that made Rick Warren a gazillionare with his Purpose Driven Life-even though Rick doesn’t like to call his brand of Get Rich with God Prosperity theology.  It has been defined by the belief that “Jesus blesses believers with riches” or more specifically as the teaching that “believers have a right to the blessings of health and wealth and that they can obtain these blessings through positive confessions of faith and the ‘sowing of seeds’ through the faithful payments of tithes and offerings.

These people like to spend money because the More You Spend, The More You Have. But then, maybe that whole The Secret thing isn’t working as much as it used to.

So I see a lot more people working The Dave Ramsey Program than I do working the Law of Attraction.  Which means we roll into a Shoot expecting to have pretty good sales and end up with nothing but Nonbuyers.

I hate seeing those smiling photos of Dave Ramsey and the billboard sized posters proclaiming the arrival of his life changing advice.   I think Dave Ramsey should give a little bit back, and set up a fund for all the Assembly Line Portrait Photographers and Passers that he is cheating out of a week’s pay wherever he goes.

Dave Ramsey would go for that, wouldn’t he?

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  • I saw a post on your site about Warren and Ramsey, so I wanted to bring to the table my own observations, having written two books on Warren. I see that your website is about freedom. Rick Warren’s compulsory tithing covenants is the opposite of freedom in Christ, rather puts Christians back under the bondage of the law. The Apostle Paul twice condemned the Judaizers for doing this. So what would he say to Rick Warren?

    Rick Warren Exposes His Congregation to the False Financial Teaching of Robert Morris

    Subject: “Pharisees” Rick Warren

    I am in staggered disbelief that Rick Warren would call those who oppose and expose him “Pharisees” because it is the Pharisees who tried to put Christians back under the bondage of the law. Paul twice eternally damned them in Galatians for this practice. But putting Christians back under the law is precisely what Rick Warren is doing with his compulsory covenants he enforces with his members, such as tithing covenants. And both Jesus Christ and the Apostle James warned us to not swear such oaths. But there are four covenants members must sign in Warren’s church and his propaganda. Furthermore, Warren calls these good Bereans “Enemies of the 21st Century” and “Sanballats from Hell.” So Warren is not just twice dead, but four times dead. So imagine what Jesus Christ would say to Rick Warren as well as The Apostle Paul and James would say to Rick Warren? I can tell you: “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:23

    James Sundquist

    DISCLAIMER: Rock Salt Publishing was founded by author James Sundquist as a voluntary discernment ministry to assist those who have been affected by the abuse of ecclesiastical power or false doctrine. The contents of all of the emails, articles, blogs, books and broadcasts have been researched very thoroughly and carefully. Where applicable, both documentation and supportive Scripture references are provided. It is a very serious matter to bring charges against any organization or individual, and therefore if anyone reading these charges is able to substantiate that they are false, please bring this to our attention.

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