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Cadillac Ranch and The Assembly Line Photographer

“I want you to see something.” A large man with an iPhone in his hand tells me. “Look at this.” “Nice.” I say as I look at his perfectly framed and amazingly clear image of the rusty cars in the setting sun. “I used to have a fancy camera.” He says nodding at my Digital […]

Passers Who Think They’re Photographers

“I’ve been a photographer for 47 years.” The old man with the toothless grin tells me. “It took three weeks to become a great photographer, but it took me three years to become a great Passer.” “Really?” I say and take a deep breath. “I bet I took your baby picture.” The Passer goes on […]

I Don’t Take Compliments Well

“These are the best portraits I have ever seen.” The Dad said in stunned amazement. “Thanks.” I say and smile awkwardly “No. Really.  These are just great.” “Hey-with Talent like you-it’s easy.” I think to myself, Yes-maybe I should think about making a career out of this. I was at a Shoot recently where the […]

Popular Portraits and The Assembly Line Portrait

“I brought in this book to show you.”  The New Mom says as she flips open an Anne Geddes coffee table book with a photo of a sleeping baby balanced on top of a giant pumpkin.  “Can you take a portrait like this?” “Well, it’s possible.” I say as I look at the photo, “If […]

What’s Our Mission Again?

Starbucks-Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. Microsoft-At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Google-Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Olan […]

Waiting for God

“It’s freezing in here!” the Little Old Lady says as she shuffles into the 75 degree room.  “Can you turn up the heat?” “You won’t be here that long.”  I say. “What did he say?” Her husband of fifty some odd years says in a loud voice. They are both stooped and frail and look […]

Pay Me You, Owe Me

“According to my calculations, I didn’t even get paid minimum wage for the last two weeks.” I say to my Area Manager. “You aren’t paid by minimum wage, you’re paid on Salary.  And besides, driving time and setting up and tearing down don’t count anyway.  Only the time the Studio is open counts as work.” […]

Still Employed, Just Out of Work

“Well, that was a pretty good year.” The Boss tells me in the second week of December. “We should be starting up again in March.” “March?” I asked. “As in three months from now, March?” “Yeah, this is the slow time of the year. No one wants to book now, so we just wait a […]