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No Longer Among The Favored Few

“You know we can all do good if we are put someplace where we have a chance.” The Passer says and purses her lips.   “I don’t care who they put here, they wouldn’t do any good.” “They should at least share the wealth once in a while.” I say. “I don’t mind there only being […]

Hell, it could be my fault

“I’m very unhappy about the way things went today.” The Coordinator says in a stern voice. “I don’t like the way you treated our people.” “I’m sorry.” I say, not exactly sure why she is unhappy. “I’m also unhappy with my own portraits.” She continues. “And that was the only time we had to come […]

Passers Who Think They’re Photographers

“I’ve been a photographer for 47 years.” The old man with the toothless grin tells me. “It took three weeks to become a great photographer, but it took me three years to become a great Passer.” “Really?” I say and take a deep breath. “I bet I took your baby picture.” The Passer goes on […]

Low Man on The Assembly Line Totem Pole

“Why don’t you pay your Photographers commission?” I say to the white haired owner of the Company. “I don’t understand how people can expect to be paid for work someone else does.” He says and shakes his head.  “Our Passers do a great job and they earn their sales commissions.” The next week I shot […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Shoot

“We have water and soft drinks in the cooler there.” The Shoot Coordinator says and points to a large blue ice chest. “There are cookies and chips on the table there and we will be bringing you something for dinner around six.  Just tell us what you want.” “This is all very good.” I say […]

I’ll take your advice under consideration

“I noticed that you put the large woman in front.” a fellow Assembly Line Portrait Photographer says in his Professor voice after he watches me shoot a sitting. “I would never do that.” “Hmm” I say and finish up the paperwork for the sit. “I also noticed that you don’t turn the women in the […]

Too Much Time On My Hands

“So are you bored?” A Little Old Lady says as she breaks my book reading revivere. “I’m ready to have my picture taken.” “Then I’m not bored anymore.” I say and smile as I set down my book. Reading, talking, listening to the radio where it’s allowed, are all ways to help pass the time.  […]

You Meet The Most Interesting People

“I played the violin for a while,” I say as I adjust the glossy student violin on the little girl’s knee. “But I was a poor kid and couldn’t afford Private Lessons, so I gave up pretty quickly.” “I didn’t have Private Lessons.” Says the Public School Music Teacher. “And I am an accomplished Violinist.” […]

9 to 5 is a Song by Dolly Parton

“Hi, I’m supposed to be taking Portraits today.” I say and smile. “I just need to know where I need to setup.” “Oh. Well, we canceled that.” The Man says as he barely looks up from his desk. “Didn’t they tell you?” “No, no they didn’t.” I say and let a little sigh escape.  It’s […]

Shut Up and Smile

“So. Are you from around here?” I say as I adjusted the background. “No.  I used to live up North.” The Man says and takes a deep breath. “We’ve lived here for about twenty years though.  We live just down the road.  That house with the big pecan tree in the front yard.  I planted […]