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It’s Always a Question of Time

“Is this going to take long?” Mom says as she rushes in. “We need to be at Practice.” “There’s one family ahead of you.” I say. “It won’t be too long.” “Well, I won’t wait too long.” I’ve had this conversation at every Company I have ever worked for.  Some people live for the thrill […]

We’re Going to a Professional Photographer Later

“Don’t bother taking too many pictures, we’re having our portrait taken by a professional photographer later.” The Mother says as she herds in her perfectly dressed and groomed family. “I know it’s hard to believe, but they do pay me to do this.” I say as I pose them. “Well, you know what I mean, […]

Make Me Look Thin-The Fat Lady Said

“I’m not doing that, that’s stupid.” said the woman when I asked her to put her hand near her face in a classic hand pose. “Oh go on.” I say in a slightly teasing voice. “Trust me, it only takes a second.” “Ok, but I guarantee I won’t like that one.” The hand pose is […]

Working Within The Limits of Our Equipment

I’m in the Big Box Store and it’s about thirty minutes before opening time.  A woman looks around, spots me, and heads over. “Hi, I called the 800 Number and they told me you could work me in if I showed up before you opened.  There will be about twenty of us in the picture.” […]