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What I Should Be Doing

“I’ve only got two days next week.” The Passer says. “How am I supposed to get by on only two days pay?” “Apply for unemployment.” I say and shrug. “Like all the rest of us.” I should be working on my own Shoots.  I should be running ads, handing out business cards, putting a nice […]

Takin’ What Their Givin’

“I got here as soon as I could.” the fat and dirty man says as he fills out the paperwork. “I gotta work for a living.” I hear this from time to time from people who are big fans of Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers. People who use their backs to earn a living […]

In The Beginning

I was a Rent-a-Cop for ten years.  These were in the days before 9/11 and Blackwater when being a Security Guard meant you needed to be able to stay awake all night-not be able to spot the next terrorist before he blew up the building. Working Security was standard issue low pay, dead end work.  […]