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Real Men Don’t Smile For Portraits

“Tilt your head to the left, Sir.” I say for the second or third time.  The man turns his head fractionally to the left. “OK.” I say and smile as I capture an image of the unsmiling man. “That’s good.” Just as some women are afraid of lifting weights because they think five minutes of […]

Takin’ What Their Givin’

“I got here as soon as I could.” the fat and dirty man says as he fills out the paperwork. “I gotta work for a living.” I hear this from time to time from people who are big fans of Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers. People who use their backs to earn a living […]

Pick Your Battles

“I don’t burn CDs at home because I don’t think my battery will last that long.” The grumpy old Assembly Line Portrait Photographer says. “Yeah, these batteries suck.” I say, not raising to the bait that it makes no sense to run the laptop on battery power. “Most people ask-Why don’t you just plug the […]