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I Do Know Everything, I Just Don’t Know That

“Your telling me you know how you’re going to pose a group of four when they walk in the door?” My fellow Assembly Line Portrait Photographer says in disbelief. “You use the same pose every time?” “Pretty much so.” I say. The Button Pusher part of the New Company Training was dead easy.  So easy […]

So, Where Are You Staying?

“I was at this motel last night.” The New Guy says in a conspirator’s tone. “And it was run by Indians.” “Really?” I say in mock surprise. “Yeah, and not Native Americans, like East India Indians.” He says. “Hmm, don’t travel much, do you?” Just as every town in America has a Chinese family running […]

The Hours of Assembly Line Portraits

“Looks like no one is going to show up.” Our Host said in a grumpy voice. “Well, it’s still early yet.” I said and joined him by the door as he looked out on the empty street.  “Sometimes it’s a bit slow around 2 o’clock.” “Maybe that’s because no one is off work at 2 […]