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The Hours of Assembly Line Portraits

“Looks like no one is going to show up.” Our Host said in a grumpy voice. “Well, it’s still early yet.” I said and joined him by the door as he looked out on the empty street.  “Sometimes it’s a bit slow around 2 o’clock.” “Maybe that’s because no one is off work at 2 […]

Channeling Krusty The Clown

“Huh huh ho!” My Assembly Line Portrait Trainer says in an amazingly accurate imitation of Krusty The Clown.  “Look over here, Timmy! Ha Ha Ha!” My Trainer straightens up from his clown posture and turns to me with a deadpan expression on his now completely serious face.  “I make that voice because children think it’s […]

In The Beginning

I was a Rent-a-Cop for ten years.  These were in the days before 9/11 and Blackwater when being a Security Guard meant you needed to be able to stay awake all night-not be able to spot the next terrorist before he blew up the building. Working Security was standard issue low pay, dead end work.  […]