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Why So Serious?

“You’re a lot nicer than the last person that was here.” The Coordinator says.  “He was just mean.” “Well, I’m sorry to hear that.” I say and smile. I’m a lot more laid back than I used to be.  When you get nothing but Bad Shoots, there’s very little pressure to succeed and very little […]

Directions-It’s Next to The Rock House

“You can see it from the Fire Station.” The Host says when I ask him for directions over the phone. “You can’t miss it.” Once we found the Fire Station, which was on top of a high hill overlooking most of the state, we found that we could in fact see just about every building […]

Pay Me You, Owe Me

“According to my calculations, I didn’t even get paid minimum wage for the last two weeks.” I say to my Area Manager. “You aren’t paid by minimum wage, you’re paid on Salary.  And besides, driving time and setting up and tearing down don’t count anyway.  Only the time the Studio is open counts as work.” […]

The Missing Lunch Break

“When do you guys take a break for lunch?” Our Hostess asks as she lets her eyes run down the solidly booked appointment sheet. “We just try to eat a little something between sittings.” I say and give her a smile. “Of course, if you want to get us something, we wouldn’t stop you.” “Well, […]

It's All About Volume

“How far behind schedule are they?” A man demands as he walks in the door. “They seem to be pretty much on time.” The little old lady signing people in for us say. “Good. Than I’m next because my appoint is 6 o’clock and it’s 6 o’clock now.” The man pointedly ignores the two family […]