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Darkness and Light

“Is the picture going to be that dark?” Mom says as she leans close to the monitor. “Why does my face look so dark on that side?” “It’s called Rembrandt lighting.” I say as I point out the small triangle of light under her eye. “Named for the famous Dutch painter.  It’s an artistic portrait […]


“This is the same pose we had last time.” The husband complains as I set them up for the Directory Shot. “Yes it is.” I say with a smile. “And it is likely the same pose you’ll get the next time.” “Why can’t we do something different?” “What did you have in mind?” “I don’t […]

Working Within The Limits of Our Equipment

I’m in the Big Box Store and it’s about thirty minutes before opening time.  A woman looks around, spots me, and heads over. “Hi, I called the 800 Number and they told me you could work me in if I showed up before you opened.  There will be about twenty of us in the picture.” […]